Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Married to the job?

My husband Nathan and I are moderating #nebedchat this evening, a Twitter chat meant to bring together Nebraska educators. The whole idea for this particular chat jokingly came about in several previous #nebedchats when Nathan and I noticed the sheer number of education couples participating (in fact, we even joked about starting an #edcouplechat). Nathan and I regularly participate in Twitter chats, he sitting on the love seat and I sitting on the couch. We most definitely have a Growth Mindset at the Kleinmeyer household.

This observation got me to thinking about how educators gravitate towards other educators, and how many educators often come from a long line of previous educators or even marry other educators. 

And it really got me to thinking about how being an educator really does impact your life.

I truly believe being an educator is so much more than a profession, more than a calling. It's a lifestyle.

Perhaps unlike any other vocation, being an educator often permeates every aspect of your life. It becomes who you are. Good or bad, it often influences your relationships with others, how you behave in public . . . It can even influence the way you dress!

I know being an educator is part of who I am. Because I'm an educator, I'm much more aware of how I speak to others, I am much more empathetic, I am always looking for the best ways to support my students and staff, always looking to better myself for those around me. And let's face it, because I'm an educator, I see the potential in every single scrap of paper and used paper towel roll.

How has being an educator influenced the core of who you are?